A program to build the will and skill to
read in children of age 3 to class 3

A program to build the will and skill to
read in children of ages 3 to class 3

How We Engage With Schools


Program is integrated into the school calendar and language curriculum


Orientation, training, ongoing support and personal coaching


Program guide, detailed session plan books, teaching aids, mobile and web application


Engaging and beautifully designed playbooks, which include stories, poems and activities created in-house


Annual state of reading assessment for children


Mobile application for parents to raise happy readers at home

They Have Started Early

Daly College, Indore

Delhi Public School, Amritsar

Edify School, Bengaluru

Indus Valley World School, Kolkata

Sri Aurobindo International School, Hyderabad

Sangam School of Excellence, Bhilwara

The Orchid School, Pune

Amrit Vidyalaya,Vadodara

Our Offerings


In school program to build skill and will to read

  • Number of Periods Per Week - 3
  • Student Material (Playbooks)
  • Teaching Lesson Plan Book
  • Teaching Aids
  • Quarterly Performance Review (Online)
  • Ongoing Support (Online)
  • In-School Training (1 Day)
  • Management Updates & Engegement


Adaptive plug and play offering for creating a reading culture

  • Number of Periods Per Week - 1
  • Student Material (Playsheets)
  • Teacher Lesson Plan Book (E-Plans)
  • Quarterly Performance Review (Online)
  • Reading Ready Libraries
  • Management Updates & Engagement
  • WOW Connect App - Teacher Platform
  • Freadom Parent App
  • FAST Reading Assessment


Bespoke reading focused whole language solution

  • Number of Periods Per Week - 5
  • Student Material (Playbooks)
  • Teaching Lesson Plan Book
  • Teaching Aids
  • Quarterly Performance Review (Online)
  • Ongoing Support (Online)
  • In-School Training (1 Day)
  • In-School Mid-Year Review
  • Management Updates & Engagement

20+ unique A3 posters for each classroom

750+ structured lesson plans with beautifully illustrated original stories and engaging activities across grades

40+ attractive flashcards for each grade

Making Reading Work In Schools
FAST Reading Assessment

The program comes with inbuilt outcome assessments

  • CHILDREN - Annual impact Assessments
  • TEACHERS - Monthly video call support for in-class implementation and real-time problem solving
  • MANAGEMENT - Quarterly skill development & implementation reports

Advaith, Grade 1 Edify School,Bengaluru

The assessment is administered annually for schools and students who are enrolled in the program. It consists of a Baseline and an Endline assessment to ascertain program effectiveness and evaluates student progress in crucial components of reading.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How can I register on the app?

If your school has subscribed to the WOW program, your coordinator must send in your details to our team, who will register you. Afterwards, you can log in with your mobile number.

What if I don’t have an Android phone?

No problem! Click here to access the web version of the application.

I didn’t receive an OTP. How do I log in?

Check with your school’s coordinator to ensure they have sent your details on to the Wings of Words team. If the problem persists, then Nikhil

My child’s school has subscribed to the WOW program. Can I as a parent access this app?

Not at the moment. As a parent, you can access Freadom, an app designed to raise a happy reader.

I have been assigned to the wrong classroom.

No problem – your school’s coordinator will be able to change that for you in no time. Please reach out to them.

Is this a free app?

It is a part of the Wings of Words ecosystem. WOW teachers of all schools that subscribe to the program will receive this app.

India's first pure play, standardised reading skill assessment for children.

For Grades 2-6

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